Cryptocurrencies are here. They’re faster than cheques, easier than bank transfers, and cheaper than both. Take 20% off your invoice total amount.

We currently accept payments to these addresses:

Bitcoin: 1QJbMmLjwprcX7HxxVg44DFYevjqye18mP
Ethereum: 0x801BB2e550f9a623c7667731F56f0f177d44381E
Litecoin: LUPE8sRqpwgo5QbV3Bee4hYmCwJQThNSCJ

You may also use this Direct Payment link and enter any amount:

Note that the verbage on the final step says “awaiting donation”, ignore that, we’re using this for invoice payments.  Send proof of payment from your wallet when the funds are sent and we’ll apply this payment to your invoice. Don’t forget to take 20% off!